Park Pardon is the collaborative work of Bloeme van Bon and Geran Knol.

HAY Rice Paper Shades for gaest

October 2023

We’ve been invited to create five
versions of the Rice Paper Shade from
HAY for gaest’s 10-year anniversary. 

Intuitively we added several layers
of coloured paper onto the lamps to create
patterns, which once illuminated
reveals the hidden layers underneath.

For this project we’ve used this same
technique to make five accompanying
masks, one for each lamp, which are
available to purchase as a set.

Caron Callahan x Park Pardon

September 2023

Collaboration with Caron Callahan,
available through their website. The collection
consists of three garments. A limited amount
of masks is also part of the collection.

An Entrance to Mention;
the Park Pardon Principles, 2014

This is a book about the park, its people and places.
It was made during a three-month internship at Afreux.

A4, 52 pages, seven colour risograph printed,
glue binding with book fabric, embossed wraparound
cover and screenprinted metallic cover.

Out of print

The Considered Cabinet
of Deliberate Thoughts,

Sint Lucas Antwerpen, Belgium

The main focus in this project was
to bring together several media,
mainly drawings and sculptures.

By approaching sculptures as
characters we created several stories
which were shown inside the cabinet. 

The cabinet itself was an important
part of the work, as the way we
created the seperate spaces
inside were of great importance
in the making of the sculptures.

Part of the installation were three publications, linking back to the sculptures and use them as characters within a storyline.

A Guide to The Considered Cabinet of Deliberate Thoughts, 2015

Out of print

The Dog Trainer, 2015

Out of print

The Lonely Soul, 2015

Out of print

Een Afzonderlijke Samenkomst,

This publication was made within the framework of Knust's book projects.

Available at:
Printed Matter / Extrapool